Protecting Your Home Against Power Surges - Are You Ready For Summer Storm Season?

It won't be too much longer before the summer storm season arrives in Queensland. This brings rain, winds, and plenty of thunderstorm activity. While the summer rain is welcome after a dry winter, you are a little worried about how these storms will impact on your home. This is your first home, and since it is an older property, now is the perfect time to be thinking about summer storms and power surges. Read More 

Effective Ways to Save Money on Your Lighting Costs

When you were a kid, chances are your parents nagged you to turn the lights off when you left a room. Whether you took their advice to heart or not, now that you're an adult yourself, you probably understand where they were coming from. Believe it or not, controlling your lighting usage can save you considerable money each month. Stop right now and look around your home. Are there lights on in empty rooms? Read More 

How to Troubleshoot Your Fridge Freezer If All Is Not Okay

What is the most important appliance in your kitchen? Most people would probably identify the fridge freezer, as it holds all of your food after all and must keep it in good condition so that your family is well fed and stays healthy. If you suspect that all is not well with your food storage facility, what should you be doing to try and put things right? Main Fan Have you noticed that certain types of food have been going off more quickly recently, or do you think that the temperature is not right when you open the door of the fridge? Read More 

How to Figure out If You Can Expand Your Solar Panel Array

If you have an existing solar panel installation on your roof, you may be pleased with the result that you're getting from it and may be wondering about some expansion. Is it possible to add additional panels to your existing array and in what different situations does this make sense? Utilising Your Current Equipment It's likely that you installed a solar system in the first place to lower your carbon footprint and to take advantage of cheaper electricity. Read More 

Never Ignore These Warning Signs of a Faulty Electrical System

Problems with your home's electrical system should never be taken for granted. Faulty wiring does not only pose the risk of irreparable damage to your appliances, but it also presents the risk of electrical fires and electrical shocks. Thus, not only would you be exposed to property loss, but you are putting the lives of you and your loved ones at high risk too! Therefore, it is essential for every homeowner to have the contacts of an after hours electrician for whenever they suspect there is an underlying issue with their electrical system. Read More