Signs That You Need Electrical Repairs

Electricity keeps our homes well lit and comfortable, but it can be hazardous and lead to house fires or even electrocution. That's why you shouldn't hesitate to call an electrician if you notice the following signs. 1. Circuit Breaker Tripping It's not only annoying for a circuit breaker to trip and switch off electricity, but it's also a warning sign. The electrical wiring is set up in a series of circuits. Read More 

Why No Solar System Is Complete without Battery Storage

Slowly but surely, people across Australia are becoming aware of the need to live sustainably. They're taking responsibility for the size of their carbon footprint and placing their focus, in particular, on their energy consumption. If you are thinking about your own position, you may want to install a solar array on your roof, but you will need an additional piece of technology to take full advantage of your investment; a battery. Read More 

Debunking Popular Car Battery Facts and Myths

Would you like to give your vehicle's battery a great lease on life? From recharging to jump starting, this post will uncover some common myths that surround car batteries to save you from potentially difficult or dangerous situations. 1. Once you leave the auto's lights on and flatten the battery, you can recharge the battery by going for a drive FALSE It's impossible to recharge your battery fully by taking a drive or idling the engine. Read More 

3 Creative Ways to Use Lighting in Your Home’s Exterior

When decorating a house, most people pay attention to the interior space and how the chosen lighting fixtures flutter the paint colours and other decor items in the room. However, when it comes to outdoor lighting, many homeowners randomly pick light bulbs. However, outdoor lighting is just as important as your indoor lights. In this case, it is more critical as it illuminates your home in the dark and makes one feel safe as they walk around. Read More 

Why Your Home Exterior Lighting Should Be Installed Professionally

Keeping home exteriors well lit at night should be every homeowner's top priority. This is because intruders love to creep into people's homes under the cover of darkness. If you are looking to improve the security of your home by installing outdoor lighting, it is important to ensure the job is done correctly.  Here's why hiring a professional electrician to install your outdoor house lighting will work in your favour: Read More