Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Electrical Equipment

Electricity is the main power source that keeps electrical equipment functioning on a daily basis. More homes are utilizing different types of electrical appliances, making the need for electrical repairs more prevalent. Many homeowners utilize electrical equipment without paying attention to basic safety standards. For example, overloading electrical cords, sockets and plugs is a common reason for the home's electric system to blow. Extreme cases can also lead to damage to equipment and the occurrence of electrical fires. Read More 

Two reasons to have the old wiring in your retail space replaced

If the electrical wiring in your retail premises has not been replaced for many years and you have started to notice problems (such as the fuse box overloading, burn marks around plug sockets and flickering lights), then it's important to have a commercial electrician rewire your premises as soon as possible. Read on to find out why: To maintain your professional reputation Electrical problems in your retail premises could potentially have a negative impact on your enterprise's reputation if the problems in question are severe enough for customers to notice. Read More 

Smart Tips to Checking if Your Oven Needs Repair

Home-cooked meals provide an ideal opportunity for you to bring your family and friends together, especially over the weekend. Just imagine the shame and inconvenience that arises when your oven breaks down, and you have already sent invitations to your friends. Believe it or not, this minor incident can affect your relationship with even close friends when you have to cancel the event. Many people forget that ovens, like any other machinery, require regular maintenance. Read More 

Protecting Your Home Against Power Surges - Are You Ready For Summer Storm Season?

It won't be too much longer before the summer storm season arrives in Queensland. This brings rain, winds, and plenty of thunderstorm activity. While the summer rain is welcome after a dry winter, you are a little worried about how these storms will impact on your home. This is your first home, and since it is an older property, now is the perfect time to be thinking about summer storms and power surges. Read More 

Effective Ways to Save Money on Your Lighting Costs

When you were a kid, chances are your parents nagged you to turn the lights off when you left a room. Whether you took their advice to heart or not, now that you're an adult yourself, you probably understand where they were coming from. Believe it or not, controlling your lighting usage can save you considerable money each month. Stop right now and look around your home. Are there lights on in empty rooms? Read More