Why Your Home Exterior Lighting Should Be Installed Professionally

Keeping home exteriors well lit at night should be every homeowner's top priority. This is because intruders love to creep into people's homes under the cover of darkness. If you are looking to improve the security of your home by installing outdoor lighting, it is important to ensure the job is done correctly. 

Here's why hiring a professional electrician to install your outdoor house lighting will work in your favour:


When it comes to electrical work, safety is key. Taking power outdoors is a job that requires proper handling. You will need to decide whether you should run power overhead or underground and also choose a suitable placement for switches and electrical outlets. A licenced electrician can perform a number of safety checks in your home so as to ensure your outdoor house lighting is installed in a safe manner. If they run power overhead, they will make sure it is grounded to the main grounding point of your house. Cables run underground will be buried at a safe depth below functional areas like patios or flowerbeds to minimise the risk of electrocution. Exterior outlets will be covered to protect them from rain, moisture, dirt and bugs, which can present electrical safety hazards. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) can also be connected to the outlets for added safety.

Selection of outdoor lights and fixtures

There is a vast range of electrical lights and fixtures available on the home improvement market. This can make it difficult for you to decide which type of lights you should install outside your home. Whether you are looking to lighten up your garden, patio, footpaths or front door, a professional electrician will know what type of lighting system is right for you. Generally speaking, spotlights are the perfect choice when you want to highlight certain features in your home landscape, whereas floodlights come in handy when you need to light up a wide area. The best part about letting a professional electrician install your outdoor lighting is that they will assemble the light fixtures in accordance with the wattage level your power source can support.

Lighting up your outdoors not only increases security but also adds to the functionality of your home, especially when it comes to holding outdoor activities at night. Mistakes committed when installing your outdoor house lighting can compromise the safety of your home and also cost you money. To avoid regrettable installation mistakes, it is best to hire a professional electrician.