How to Clean and Fix a Malfunctioning Biometric Scanner

Whether you use a biometric scanner in your workplace for security or attendance management, it's inevitable that you'll eventually run into a problem with the equipment. While today's scanners are hardy and reliable, like all other technology, they're not infallible. Often, if a biometric scanner isn't working and it doesn't appear to be scratched, all it needs is a simple clean. Fingers can leave smears of dirt, sweat or lotion on a scanner's surface, and over time this can affect the scanner's ability to read prints. Read More 

The Different Types Of Subsurface Mining Equipment

  Mining is a very intense and dangerous endeavour. There are different methods of mining depending on what you are planning on excavating. This calls for the use of different mining equipment, for example, wagon drills are employed for surface operations. However, there are mining equipment you are most likely to come across if you happen to be close to a subsurface mining area or happen to visit one. Mining equipment used depends on the type of subsurface mining being carried out. Read More 

5 Tips for Protecting Your Data Cables From Damage

If you run an office or a number of other types of businesses, you may have a lot of data cabling running all over the place. To ensure that your cables don't fray and break, you need to take care of them. Here are a few tips that can help. 1. Handle the Cables Carefully The way you handle the cables can have a direct impact on their condition. If you are unplugging a data cable from a wall port or from the back of a computer, always remove the connection carefully. Read More 

Two Signs That Your Home Has Serious Electrical Problems

Many electrical problems are minor. However, if you notice any of the following issues, you should get in contact with one of the electricians in your local area as soon as possible, as these things could be an indication of a major electrical issue. Scorch marks on your plug sockets Black or brownish scorch marks on the plug sockets in a room should not be ignored, particularly if the sockets in question also produce a loud buzzing sound when you plug a device into them, and their plastic covering becomes very hot whilst they are in use. Read More 

How You’ll Know When Your Appliances Need Servicing

In our modern homes, we rely massively on our goods and other appliances. All the same, however, we're horribly prone to leaving things till the last minute and letting potential issues fester till they're a pain to fix. If you want to keep on top of this and get your appliances serviced before they disrupt your life by breaking down entirely, here are the top warning signs to look out for which indicate that you need appliance repair. Read More