How You’ll Know When Your Appliances Need Servicing

In our modern homes, we rely massively on our goods and other appliances. All the same, however, we're horribly prone to leaving things till the last minute and letting potential issues fester till they're a pain to fix. If you want to keep on top of this and get your appliances serviced before they disrupt your life by breaking down entirely, here are the top warning signs to look out for which indicate that you need appliance repair.

Boilers and Plumbing

  • Temperature regulation is a key component of a fully functional bath or shower system, and if yours starts going off it's unlikely to "fix itself". A shower or bath that consistently runs too hot or too cold despite what you've set it to should be checked out ASAP.

  • All plumbing makes noises occasionally, and an intermittent high-pitched whining sound is par for the course. If this becomes frequent and disruptive, however, it's a sign that there's probably air getting into the pipes somewhere along the line--which could develop into a leak if left unchecked.

  • Poor water pressure might seem normal at first, but it's well worth getting it checked out if it's a sudden change. It could be indicative of a deeper issue, perhaps with your boiler.

  • If your boiler occasionally makes a loud knocking sound and then requires a reset or reboot, don't ignore it just because you've found a workaround. It probably means it's overheating, which could be potentially dangerous if left unchecked.

Fridges and Freezers

  • A freezer that needs constant defrosting probably has some kind of issue with its seal. Get this seen to ASAP to save time clearing it out and money spent on pointlessly overcooling it.

  • If your fridge's temperature gauge is off--causing it to either freeze things inappropriately or keep stuff at too warm a temperature--you're well on the way to ruined food and potential poisoning. Get it checked out before someone gets ill.

  • All fridges/freezers make a humming sound, but it shouldn't be overwhelming or disruptive. If yours is getting louder and louder, it could mean the filters need cleaning--so don't delay, as this can cost you money and cause other issues further down the line.

Stovetops and Ovens

  • Leaky gas burners can be hard to detect, but massively dangerous if left unchecked. Even the slightest hissing sound or whiff of gas-smell when the dials are turned to 'off' should be considered a major priority.

  • Faulty igniters usually aren't a major issue, but they're not going to fix themselves--so get them looked at as soon as they become intermittent, because using lighters or matches to light a gas stove can be dangerous.

Washers and Dryers

  • Programming issues are increasingly common in today's high-tech washer/dryers, but they can wind up putting your machine completely out of service. Get them seen to as soon as anomalies become apparent.

  • Washing machines should never leak, and there should be no 'loose' water left in the drum at the end of the cycle. Call in a pro at the first sign of either of these issues.

  • Loud knocking sounds as the drum spins might not seem to have any apparent cause at first, but are probably a sign of something inside the machine coming loose. Get it looked at before it causes a full-scale breakdown!

If you spot any of these warning signs, don't delay--call in a professional ASAP. It might seem like a minor issue now, but before you know it you could have something far more disruptive and expensive to fix on your hands! It's much better, in the long run, not to take the risk and to sort things out as they arise.