Do You Have a Sufficient Number of Circuits in Your Home?

Did you know that your home's electrical installation is divided into several circuits? While some people may think this is a technical consideration, there is a good reason for this approach. Indeed, in some cases, you may need to look more closely at your circuitry and even add some more capacity. So, what do you need to know about these circuits, and how do you know if you've run out of space? Read More 

4 Great Benefits of Smart Home Automation for Pet Owners

Whatever kind of pet you own, it's likely you see them as another part of the family. As such, you'll naturally want to consider how your home environment affects them, and you're likely to find smart home automation particularly attractive. Smart home automation essentially means connecting many parts of your home to a central system that can then be controlled through voice commands or remotely over the internet from your phone. Read More 

Why Check Your Electrics Before Installing A Commercial HVAC System?

If you're planning to install a new HVAC system on your business site, it pays to bring in a commercial electrician before you choose and buy a system. What are the benefits of talking to an electrician at this stage? Check That Your Electrics Can Cope If you don't currently have an HVAC system on your site then you can't know if your electrical system will be able to cope with this kind of installation. Read More 

4 Reasons Why Investing in Commercial LED Lighting is Beneficial to Your Business

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has revolutionised many aspects of commercial lighting. Unlike the conventional fluorescent or incandescent counterparts, LED lighting offers numerous advantages to commercial spaces, including retail stores, manufacturing plants, corporate offices, among many others. As a business owner, upgrading your commercial lighting to LEDs is an inventive approach to enhance efficiency, functionality and profitability.  By working with a professional electrician to overhaul your old lighting fixtures and install commercial LED lighting, your business stands to benefit in plenty of ways, including:  Read More 

Why Ruggedisation Is Vital for PLC Automation Control

You cannot use any old computer chip for industrial automation control, and that is why any programmable logic controller (PLC), such as those from COBO and other brands, are made to withstand the environmental and mechanical problems that can affect the computer portion of industrial machinery. PLCs can't be as sensitive to outside issues as run-of-the-mill processors are, and you need something that won't fail under pressure. The answer is to use only PLCs that have been constructed to overcome the problems these issues can cause and to overcome an issue that circuitry can often cause by itself. Read More