Why Ruggedisation Is Vital for PLC Automation Control

You cannot use any old computer chip for industrial automation control, and that is why any programmable logic controller (PLC), such as those from COBO and other brands, are made to withstand the environmental and mechanical problems that can affect the computer portion of industrial machinery. PLCs can't be as sensitive to outside issues as run-of-the-mill processors are, and you need something that won't fail under pressure. The answer is to use only PLCs that have been constructed to overcome the problems these issues can cause and to overcome an issue that circuitry can often cause by itself.

Excessive Vibration Is Always a Threat

These PLCs are used in mining, manufacturing and industrial settings, which means vibrations caused by other machinery are always a threat. Vibration can cause screws and bolts to loosen, and the constant jarring motion can even make circuitry begin to fall apart. While vibration-dampening measures are often in place, the circuitry in a PLC needs to have some protection as well. Ruggedised parts help protect the PLC from any vibrations that aren't stopped by the dampening measures and offers better protection should the dampening measures malfunction.

Computer Heat Is Real

Ever dealt with a laptop that's gotten really hot as it tries to run several programs simultaneously? Ever been in a server room where the air conditioning isn't working well? Then you've seen and felt a little of the heat that computer parts can create. That heat, along with the heat generated by other machinery in the facility, can cause computer parts and other circuitry to malfunction, if not fail outright. The construction process PLCs go through to be ruggedised helps keep them cooler. You'll still need to take steps to combat environmental heat, but the PLC will do a lot better even if it gets a bit hot.

Noise Adds Up

One issue created by circuitry and related parts is noise. From buzzing to humming to electronic noise, circuitry can be rather prolific in producing things you can hear. This can contribute to overall noise pollution in the facility or other location where the circuitry is located. Ruggedising the PLC means the part won't create as much of its own noise, helping to keep things more peaceful.

Whether you want a COBO PLC or one from another brand, make sure whatever you get is truly ruggedised. It will last longer and interfere less with other activities going on around it.