Never Ignore These Warning Signs of a Faulty Electrical System

Problems with your home's electrical system should never be taken for granted. Faulty wiring does not only pose the risk of irreparable damage to your appliances, but it also presents the risk of electrical fires and electrical shocks. Thus, not only would you be exposed to property loss, but you are putting the lives of you and your loved ones at high risk too! Therefore, it is essential for every homeowner to have the contacts of an after hours electrician for whenever they suspect there is an underlying issue with their electrical system. Below are warning signs of a faulty electrical system that should never go ignored.

Faceplates that are constantly warm

The moment you start to notice that your electrical faceplates and outlets are warm to the touch when in use, it is prudent to call an emergency electrician. These attachments only get hot if the electric circuit that they are connected to is experiencing an overload. The overload can come about due to various things with the most common reason being that you are using light bulbs with a wattage that is much higher than what should be connected to the outlet.

However, the faceplates can also start to heat up is there are faulty connections that have developed in the circuitry itself. No matter the cause, it should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent the risk of an electrical fire starting. Make sure that you cease using the affected outlet until an electrician has looked at it.

The GFCI outlets are continually tripping

GFCI outlets are an essential safety measure in homes as they prevent water from coming into contact with your electrical system. Therefore, they are typically installed in kitchen and bathrooms as these environments are consistently exposed to moisture. The GFCI will trip when there is a risk of water ingress, which functions to cut off the supply of electricity to the outlet. Thus, tripping once in a while should not be a cause for alarm.

However, homeowners should be wary of a problem with their electrical system when the tripping becomes a regular occurrence. Routine tripping of the GFCI outlets implies a high likelihood that there is some wiring exposed to water. An electrician will have to inspect your wiring to identify the damaged areas and possibly may have to replace the GFCI outlets too if they have become scorched internally from the faulty wiring.